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Paige Krupinski, BCaBA

Paige received her Bachelor's degree from Truman State University. She completed her assistant behavior analyst coursework at the Florida Institute of Technology. She is a professionally licensed Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst in the state of Missouri as well as a Missouri First Steps provider. Prior to working at Blue Stars, Paige implemented the ESDM model as an RBT and BCaBA for children with autism spectrum disorder for two and a half years. She has also worked as a technician for teenagers and adults with autism spectrum disorder in a school setting. 


Paige is the youngest of three children and witnessed firsthand the positive and life-changing impact that ESDM therapy can have on a child's life. This inspired her from a very early age and ignited a passion for making a positive difference in the lives of children. She is very passionate about the ESDM model and the amazing opportunities and impacts it can have on the lives of children every day. 


Paige loves reading, hiking, painting, singing, and yoga. 

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