Joanmarie Crispino-Spillane, RBT

Joanmarie Crispino-Spillane graduated from the University of Southern Indiana in 2021 with her Bachelor of Science in Health Services and Psychology. After graduation, she chose to move to Saint Louis to continue working as an RBT at Blue Stars Therapy. Joanmarie plans to further her education and received her master's degree after working around many inspiring BCBAs, OTs, and SLPs at Blue Stars Therapy! 


Prior to graduation, Joanmarie worked as a direct care staff member for children and adults with autism, volunteered for Special Olympics, and received her RBT license conducting ABA services to children ages 3 to 12 years old. Joanmarie always knew that this was her destined career path after her brother and a child she nannies were diagnosed on the autism spectrum. 


Joanmarie enjoys spending her free time with her two dogs, Mato and Abree, attending live music events, and being outdoors.