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Educational Setting Observation

Your child's location or setting shouldn't prohibit a complete, coordinated care plan.  At Blue Stars Therapy, we understand that different settings, such as school, can present new challenges to kids, that's why we've included an option for our highly-specialized therapists to meet you and your child in day-to-day settings, such as school. 

Our service 

We observe your child in his or her classroom environment and use this information to enhance our intervention plans for the home as well, because it gives the therapist and parents insight into the child's behavior in a different setting. Additionally, it ensures all individuals (teachers, school staff, etc.) working with your child are using the same approach and consistent strategies.


Additionally, if you haven't decided on an educational institution for your child, we can review options and provide guidance with you. Our therapist, either independently or in conjunction with the parents, tours and observes at a potential school setting for your child to determine if the setting is an appropriate fit for your child. Parents receive a written summary of therapist's impressions of the setting and appropriateness for your child.


Our highly-specialized therapist(s) come to an environment typically encountered by your child such as school, the park, The Magic House, etc.

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