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ESDM Services

The Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) is a developmental curriculum and treatment approach for children with autism or developmental delays ages 12 months- 48 months. ESDM was adapted from The Denver Model, which was originally developed by psychologists Sally Rogers, PhD, and Geraldine Dawson, PhD in the 1980’s at the Colorado Health Science Center for children older than three. Rogers and Dawson have since conducted a majority of their research at The UC Davis MIND Institute in Sacramento, California.


At its basic level, ESDM includes therapy sessions marked by the following key characteristics:

  • Naturalistic applied behavioral analytic strategies

  • Sensitivity to normal developmental sequence

  • Deep parental involvement

  • Focus on interpersonal exchange and positive affect

  • Shared engagement with joint activities

  • Language and communication taught inside a positive, affect-based relationship 

At Blue Stars Therapy, we offer the convenience of four different environments for services:

  • In-Home – therapist(s) come to your home,

  • Remote – therapy is coordinated using tablet/smartphone with parents/caregivers,

  • The Blue School– our premier clinic boasting individual and group treatment options, and in

  • the Community Environments – schools, zoo, park, etc.

You can expect premier high quality intervention at Blue Stars Therapy by a trained team of specialists. The benefits of a Blue Stars Therapy session include:

  • increased learning opportunities

  • consistent expectations

  • collaboration

  • a holistic approach

  • improved generalization

  • improved social skills

  • smoother transitions and less down time

  • increased tolerance for longer sessions (from the child's perspective)

  • less undesirable behaviors

  • advanced peer interactions

  • more meaningful and accurate data capture

Learn more about ESDM and the benefits of ESDM at Blue Stars Therapy.


Our highly-specialized therapist(s) come to your home.


Our highly-specialized therapist(s) come to an environment typically encountered by your child such as school, the park, The Magic House, etc.


Therapy is coordinated using tablet/smartphones with parents/caregivers.


*requires Parent Empowerment Program


Our premier, custom-designed clinic located in Clayton, MO.

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