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To me, #lightitupblue means building support and understanding for those with autism, allowing me to share why I am so passionate about working with this population. These individuals have so much potential to develop new skills, and I love discovering their numerous strengths. Watching their determination to face challenges, learn, and become more included in their environment, is so rewarding 


To me, #lightitupblue means that everyone in a child’s life is working together to ensure the best possible outcomes. The team of a child’s family, caregivers, friends and therapists form such a strong bond that helps to propel a child forward and on a developmental path towards communication, social engagement and inclusion!


For me, it’s all about acceptance & education. Seeing families go from emotional to empowered has been one of my greatest joys working with children with autism. No victory is too small & I love celebrating each & every one with our clients & their families!


My cousin was diagnosed with Asperger’s at the age of 3. He inspired me to become an occupational therapist and to work with children. I saw my cousins’ journey from childhood into the man he is today. He has made huge leaps and bounds alongside his supportive family and his supportive therapy team. Being a Blue Stars Therapist has allowed me to work with incredible children and their families and to provide them with resources, strategies, and education to improve their child’s life in every aspect; whether it is at school, a trip to the zoo, or sitting at the dinner table with the whole family. I am driven to work with children with autism and their families because I believe every child deserves their chance to shine; they just may need a little teamwork to help get them there.


#lightitupblue is a welcomed reminder for me to stay driven and focused on creating accessible avenues to educate and empower parents, other professionals, and just about anyone who will listen to me about autism and evidenced based interventions (like ESDM). I strive daily to make complex content make sense for parents and to help empower parents to advocate for and connect with their child with autism.