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Meghan Fox (Registered Behavior Technician & Student Intern)

Meghan is a register behavior technician trained in the Early Start Denver Model. She is also a freshman in St. Louis University’s Occupational Therapy Direct Admit Master’s Program. Meghan chose to study Occupational Therapy because it will allow her to work directly with her patients in order to help them live their life to the fullest.


She is excited to graduate and begin making a positive impact in people’s lives. Meghan has always loved working with children and is excited to learn more about Occupational Therapy through SLU and the Blue Stars Therapy Internship.


Meghan’s passion for helping others began when she was fifteen and worked as swim instructor at her local pool. She enjoyed working one-on-one with the children she taught, and being able to see how the lessons were impacting their swimming ability.


Meghan has also volunteered as a camp counselor at Camp Rainbow, she worked with children at Ranken Jordan hospital, and she served as a retreat leader at her youth group. Meghan received the Archbishop May Award in recognition of all of the service she has done for her community.