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Level 1 Toys

Developmental Age: 12-18 months


Click the button to shop toys handpicked by pediatric early interventionists trained in the Early Start Denver Model. Our therapists have selected each toy keeping in mind the goal of play for our earliest learners. These toys help promote speech and language, functional play, fine motor coordination, cognition, social skills, joint attention, and most importantly FUN!


Level 2 Toys

Developmental Age: 18-24 months


Click the button to shop toys that are perfect for your child who is ready for independent play, open ended constructive play, and pre-pretend play. These are toys that can grow with your child as they continue to gain new skills. Each toy was selected to target skills across a range of developmental domains including motor skills, communication, joint attention, social skills, and cognition. 

Level 3 Toys

Developmental Age: 24-36 months


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