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What is Speech Language Pathology? How can it help my child?

The American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) defines Speech Therapy as “a group of professionals who are educated to assess speech and language development and to treat speech and language disorders” …but how can that help you?!


Therapy can help your child in a myriad of ways, including:

  • Reducing tantrums- children become frustrated when their message is not being understood.  When therapy is delivered correctly and appropriately, your child will learn to use his “words”, meaning spoken words, signs, pictures, etc. to have his message understood by others.

  • Teaching your child to listen!  It’s possible your child has learned to “tune out” adult directives.  Therapy can help him/her learn to re-connect with adults in their lives and follow their instructions.

  • Instructing your child how to produce sounds correctly:  There are 44 different phonemes (or different sounds) produced in the English language. Therapy can help your child to use the correct place, voice, and manner to articulate specific sounds so he/she can be understood by a variety of peers and family members.