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St. Louis, MO

567 North & South Rd. 


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Why Choose Blue Stars Therapy?

Because...we are premier! We are the exception, not the rule.

What does that look like for you and your family?

  • We come to your child!

    • We are home based and community based! Community based means we are able to embed our services in natural environments for your child. For example: school/daycare, a playdate, the park, library, zoo, or The Magic House! 

    • We also offer remote Parent coaching services and treatment coordination for families in areas without ESDM trained therapists or families who are busy and need to learn at their own pace!

  • Our therapists keep low caseloads

    • Why does this matter?

      • Our therapists have the time built into their schedules to get to know your child and family

      • Time is set aside for extensive treatment planning including session plans and goal writing.

        • We work off 20+ goals with 4-5 teaching steps, which are updated weekly as your child progresses

  • Our services are evidenced based!

  • Access to exclusive resources

    • We use technology (iPhone & Android App) to keep parents in the loop on child progress, which can be accessed 24/7.

    • We have a direct access to certified ESDM trainers and researchers of the ESDM Model at the MIND Institute

  • We empower parents for a lifetime of advocacy and train parents in the model to supplement therapy sessions.

    • Learn more about our Parent Empowerment Program HERE

  • Therapists are trained to fidelity in ESDM and/or certified in the ESDM and P-ESDM Models.

  • Therapists are Missouri First Steps Providers