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$12 per billable hour; volunteer admin tasks

Job Type

Part-Time Flex

About the Role

The therapy intern works within the organization to gain insight and experience in a young, women-led company. The therapy intern will have the opportunity to participate in a growth-oriented culture while developing the ability to describe Blue Stars Therapy’s values, capabilities, and culture internally and externally. The therapy intern will participate in a mix of various office tasks and client-facing work after being trained to deliver therapy services as a part of a client’s therapy team. This position will have the opportunity to observe a mix of professionals including Occupational Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Behavior Analysts, Social Workers, etc. They will receive high-levels of support during therapy support implementation while acquiring a deep understanding of child development.

Completes in-house Early Start Denver Model basic training as well as HIPAA training
Observes and interacts with a variety of early intervention/special education professionals including Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Behavior Analysts, and a Social Worker
Navigates project assignments with the organization and problem solving skills, providing input, recommendations and general feedback as it pertains to projects
Contributes to overall quality of intervention, safety of clients, and client communication
Adds to the culture of the organization by participating in Blue Stars Therapy activities, events, and discussions
Seeks professional feedback from managers and leaders at Blue Stars Therapy and participates in individualized meetings to identify goals and growth potential

Additional Functions
Actively communicates the Blue Stars Therapy outreach efforts to the community
Participates in professional meetings, events, or staff training deemed necessary/beneficial to Blue Stars Therapy’s development
Adheres to the mission, mindset and values of Blue Stars Therapy


About the Company

Located in St. Louis, Missouri, Blue Stars Therapy provides premier home, clinic and community-based early intervention therapy services for young children with Autism and other developmental delays using the groundbreaking evidence of the Early Start Denver Model Curriculum. We typically serve children as young as 12 months and firmly believe in the "early" aspect of early intervention.

Blue Stars Therapy was formed from a strong desire to break away from “one-size-fits-all” therapy services and create a culture that promotes collaboration, innovation, and respect for the families we serve. Our goal is to help foster learning and promote functional skill acquisition across all developmental domains through meaningful interactions, play, and parental involvement within the child's natural environment. We believe each child is a "star" and possesses unique strengths and qualities. Through our play-based, child-led therapy approach, we strive to tap into each child's learning preferences to develop individualized intervention plans to help each child become the best version of themselves. We encourage our clients and their families to "reach for the stars"!

We are a small start-up business with a passion for making high quality early intervention accessible to all children and families. Our current team consists of Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists and Behavior Analysts. We are excited to grow our team and look forward to enhancing our company to best serve our clients.

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