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Parent Empowerment Program™

The Parent Empowerment Program™ is a collaborative evidenced based program designed to promote parent growth and competence in the Early Start Denver Model Curriculum with their child, typically in the context of daily routines. In a 2012 study from the National Institute of Health (NIH), the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) has been validated by research to produce better outcomes for children with autism/concerns for autism than intervention typically available in the community. 

Explore research from the National Institute of Health,The National Autistic Society, and other industry-leading organizations in Resources​.

The Parent Empowerment Program™ (PEP) can provide parents with the tools needed to advocate for children throughout development milestones and ages.  It is also a cost-effective way to increase the amount of therapy children receive each week, and it allows parents to continue their role as a parent (not a therapist) by embedding activities and child learning into existing routines (meals, bath, bedtime, books, play, etc.). 

Watch an overview of the Parent Empowerment Program in the ESDM overview video (begins at 4:10 mark).

Enroll with Blue Stars Therapy

At Blue Stars Therapy, we provide PEP training virtually, in-home and on-site at The Blue School.  Our approach is customized for each parent, child and situation, though our objective remains the same – to gradually decrease services as parents gain more skills and feel confident and competent in the ESDM Model.   

To enroll, call or email us! We will create a secure account for you to complete our intake paperwork. Upon completion, you will receive an auto generated email. Follow the link in the email to set up your own secure client portal and access more documents required for the program.

We will use the ESDM parent book "An Early Start for your Child with Autism" as our guide in addition to our custom materials. This book should be purchased prior to the formal training. You can buy it on Amazon here.

A Blue Stars Therapy team member will contact you as soon as possible, typically within 1-2 business days. 


Our highly-specialized therapist(s) come to your home.


Our highly-specialized therapist(s) come to an environment typically encountered by your child such as school, the park, The Magic House, etc.


Therapy is coordinated using tablet/smartphones with parents/caregivers.


*requires Parent Empowerment Program


Our premier, custom-designed clinic located in Clayton, MO.

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