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Parent Empowerment Program™

The Parent Empowerment Program™ (PEP) is a collaborative program designed to promote parent growth and competence in using proven strategies, informed by the Early Start Denver Model, within the context of daily routines. Through participation in the program, you are equipped with the tools needed to improve your child's communication and social skills, while better managing undesired or challenging behaviors.  We believe parents have the power to impact their child's development in a way no therapist ever can. In partnership with you, we can help develop and strengthen your interactions and how you understand, communicate, and relate to your child.   

Get started

We provide our structured Parent Empowerment Program in a variety of formats to fit your lifestyle, both in person and online. You can choose how much "live" time you need with your coach or select a program that allows you to work at your own pace. Regardless of your selection, our approach and coaching priorities are informed by your family's priorities and goals for your child, though our overall objective remains the same – to empower you to feel confident and competent in creating a strong connection and learning opportunities for your child.


We understand as a parent, when it comes to a concern about your child's development, you do not have time to wait for help and answers.....AND you don't need another thing to add to you to do list. If your feeling stuck, confused, and frustrated with your child or have concerns about their development.... this program is for you.


Our team is experienced with helping parents and caregivers navigate the challenges that can come with not fully understanding or being able to support your neurodivergent child. No concern is too small...we can help you learn to alleviate challenging routines and behaviors, while empowering you to build a stronger connection and communication skills with and for your child. We are the experts in helping discerning parents and parents of newly diagnosed children navigate the early and immediate needs of their child. 



No more waiting to get expert advice and professional support for YOU and your family. 


Book a free consultation and receive at 15% discount code to be used on any of our online coaching services!



Watch an overview of the Parent Empowerment Program in the ESDM overview video (begins at 4:10 mark).

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