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  • Research shows that functional skills emerge and develop in the child's natural environment first and enable the child to generalize to other situations and cope with a range of changing environmental demands (Bricker & Cripe, 1992; Hart & risky, 1995)

  • All young children thrive when they are in familiar surroundings and  surrounded by the people and objects that are the most meaningful to them

  • Children learn best when they can practice new skills that are within activities in which they would naturally use those skills, meaning the learning opportunities would not need to be arbitrarily contrived.

  • Many routines within the child's typical day can serve as development enhancing opportunities, which increases the number of learning opportunities throughout the day and promotes more functional application of skills. Research has shown that these opportunities optimize learning. (Bronfenbrenner, 1992; Dunst, 2001; Cipani &Spooner, 1997)

  • Home based services provide opportunities for parents to be involved in the session by observing the therapy and learning interventions which they can carry out when the therapists are not present.