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The Blue School™ Program

The Blue School was born from a desire to expand our services to meet the diverse needs of all of our "little stars" and their families. The Blue School program is a preschool readiness program and utilizes the principles of the Group Early Start Denver Model (G-ESDM), while continuing to provide 1:1 support to each child in the group setting. The G-ESDM has been validated by research to produce significantly higher gains in developmental rate and receptive language compared to other group intervention programs in the community. The Blue School provides a safe, controlled environment to stimulate your child's learning across classroom routines and play, and introduce social skills in a predictable purposeful way to ensure success for your child. 

The Blue School™ Program offers:

  • Individual ESDM Instruction

  • Routines-Based Intervention

  • Required Weekly Home/Community Visit (two hours)

  • Interdisciplinary Team- OT/ST/ABA/Special Instruction

  • Parent Support and Education

  • Peer Interaction & Small Group Activities

Children enrolled in this program incur a monthly tuition and can access insurance funding to reduce total costs of direct therapy services. Limited income based discounts available. Our providers are enrolled with Missouri First Steps as well. Please contact us or your service coordinator for information on how our partnership works! 

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday Mornings (8:30am-12:30pm): Five half days totaling 20 hours/week + 2 hours in home/community session weekly

*no full day options available- not a daycare placement 


University City: 567 North and South Road, 63130


Our program offers individual therapy in a group setting located at our clinic in University City, MO.

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