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Join Our Team

Get to know us! The BST team is a team of highly passionate and motivated professionals dedicated to our Mission and each other. Blue Stars Therapy is committed to cultivating a positive workplace culture and actively educates and trains all new staff members in our values and Mission to promote a cohesive team focused on the best outcomes for our "little stars"! Blue Stars Therapy is owned and led by actual therapists, like yourself, who just "get it!" 

Top Reasons To Work With Us!



Local & Women

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Work-Life Balance


Collaborative Team

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Relationship focused

Mission Driven 


Data- Driven Intervention

Staff Testimonial

"Something really fulfilling about working at Blue Stars is the time and specific care we put towards our families and Parent Empowerment Program. Blue Stars really upholds the integrity and ethics it takes to provide premier intervention services, and it shows when we see the child and their family progress towards their goals!"


Our approach to hiring...

At Blue Stars Therapy, we take a holistic and thoughtful approach to hiring, seeking dedicated professionals in speech, occupational, and behavioral therapy, as well as early intervention special educators. We're passionate about nurturing talent, offering robust intern and apprentice programs, and fostering internal growth opportunities in therapeutic intervention, parent coaching, and leadership development. We value collaboration and flexibility, recognizing that successful early intervention hinges on teamwork and adaptability. As a tight-knit, small company, we prioritize protecting our team culture and energy to ensure positive outcomes for our clients.


Our three part interview process is intentionally designed from the screener, to the interview(s), to the live application of skills with our clients, to determine competency for the role, alignment on our values, and preview a day in the life at Blue Stars Therapy to ensure a mutually beneficial fit!


If you're a professional who shares our commitment to children with autism and their families, we invite you to join our team and make a meaningful impact in their lives. Apply now and let's create brighter futures together at Blue Stars Therapy!

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