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Who we are

Blue Stars Therapy™, LLC, is the premier early intervention services organization in the St. Louis, Missouri region providing Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Therapy, and Behavioral Therapy (ABA) for young children, aged zero to five years, with autism and other developmental delays in the home, school, clinic, community and remote environments using a transdisciplinary approach informed by the Early Start Denver Model Curriculum.  We believe each child is a ‘star’ and possesses unique strengths and qualities.

Learn more about the Early Start Denver Model.

Who We Are Anchor

Why we exist​

Borne out of frustration with the lack of aspiration, personal touch, and inclusion from other providers, Blue Stars Therapy™ was founded to unlock the potential of children with developmental delays through holistic, play-based, child-led treatment rooted in proven, evidence-based intervention.

We are on a mission to unlock the developmental potential of every child through a positive, sustained connection between caregiver and child.

What we've learned​

Blue Stars Therapy™ subscribes to the belief that parents and caregivers know their children best and are integral to long-term, relationship-based intervention and sustainable support. Blue Stars Therapy™ enhances parent-child/caretaker-child relationships by leveraging advanced communication techniques and evidence-based tactics, and empowers the immediate support group of the child – parents, caregivers, educators, immediate and extended family – through a personalized, multi-channel Parent Empowerment Program™. 

What clients say​

'"People noticed a change in my daughter after a few weeks of therapy, and asked me what we have been doing. I tell them we have two magical fairies come to our home!"

— Lisa, Mother

“I learned so much from watching them during therapy, but they also review goals with me and give me tips of what I can do with daily routines, toy play, songs and books!”

— Jill, Mother

"The progress and accomplishments this week have been phenomenal....we have witnessed impressive improvements in language, eye contact, motor actions, and general behavior. Great work to both of you!"

— Joe, Parent

"You have truly exceeded every expectation we had. I hope the world continues to be filled with educators who are as great as you!"

— Latieke, Parent

“His progress has definitely exceeded our expectations! Especially since we had been doing therapy prior to you (Blue Stars Therapy) and not really making any progress.”

— Tom, Parent

"Bridget and Amanda have been such an asset to my classroom. They come in and they include all the kids in play. I could sit and watch them work all day!"

— Ms. Terry, Early Childhood Educator

"It is so exciting for me to see you two in action, my grandson absolutely adores both of you! He is so fortunate to have the two of you in his life!"

— Judy, Grandparent

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