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Your Child.
Our Passion.

Who we are

Blue Stars Therapy™, LLC, is the premier early intervention services organization in the St. Louis, Missouri region providing Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Therapy, and Behavioral Therapy (ABA) for young children, aged zero to five years, with autism and other developmental delays in the home, school, clinic, community and remote environments using a transdisciplinary approach informed by the Early Start Denver Model Curriculum.  We believe each child is a ‘star’ and possesses unique strengths and qualities.

Learn more about the Early Start Denver Model.

Who We Are Anchor

Why we exist​

Borne out of frustration with the lack of aspiration, personal touch, and inclusion from other providers, Blue Stars Therapy™ was founded to unlock the potential of children with developmental delays through holistic, play-based, child-led treatment rooted in proven, evidence-based intervention.

We are on a mission to unlock the developmental potential of every child through a positive, sustained connection between caregiver and child.

What we've learned​

Blue Stars Therapy™ subscribes to the belief that parents and caregivers know their children best and are integral to long-term, relationship-based intervention and sustainable support. Blue Stars Therapy™ enhances parent-child/caretaker-child relationships by leveraging advanced communication techniques and evidence-based tactics, and empowers the immediate support group of the child – parents, caregivers, educators, immediate and extended family – through a personalized, multi-channel Parent Empowerment Program™. 

Our humble beginnings 

Amanda Wingertsahn and Bridget Hormberg co-own and co-founded Blue Stars Therapy™ in 2016 as a grassroots start up. Today, they serve as executive leaders and managers of approximately two dozen early intervention specialists and play an active role in all aspects of the business.


Amanda and Bridget saw first-hand how traditional approaches to early intervention leave room for improvement, and frequently lack an evidence-based approach intertwined with a personal touch. With 30+ years of combined experience as an ESDM-certified Speech Language Pathologist and ESDM-certified Occupational Therapist, Amanda and Bridget have honed their expertise and woven their core values of service, inclusion, individuality and a relationship-based approach into the fabric of services provided by Blue Stars Therapy™, including: 

  • Home and Community- Based Therapy Services

  • The Blue School™ Program

  • The Parent Empowerment Program™

  • The Super Stars Program™

  • The Teach Me to Play Program™ 

  • Treatment Coordination & Consultation

Learn more about the Early Start Denver Model.

Learn more about Services.

As a small women owned business, Bridget and Amanda have taken a thoughtful and empathetic approach to hiring, therapist flourishment and development and the designing all the programs.

About Us

Meet the Team​

DSC_8886 copy.jpg

Co-Owner, Co-Founder

Bridget is also the Chief Executive Officer at Blue Stars Therapy, and an ESDM Certified occupational therapist. Click image to learn more about Bridget.

DSC_9015 copy.jpg

Clinical Coordinator; RBT

Kali holds her RBT Certification. She also the Clinical Coordinator at BST. She has been with us since 2022. 


Co-Owner, Co-Founder

Amanda is also the Chief Operations Officer at Blue Stars Therapy, and an ESDM Certified speech language pathologist. Click image to learn more about Amanda. 

DSC_8966 copy.jpg

Sr. Manager; BCBA

Kayla is a Senior Manager and ESDM trained BCBA. She has been with Blue Stars Therapy since June of 2018. Click image to learn more about Kayla.

What people are say​ing

'"People noticed a change in my daughter after a few weeks of therapy, and asked me what we have been doing. I tell them we have two magical fairies come to our home!"

— Lisa, Mother

“I learned so much from watching them during therapy, but they also review goals with me and give me tips of what I can do with daily routines, toy play, songs and books!”

— Jill, Mother

Father and Daughter

"The progress and accomplishments this week have been phenomenal....we have witnessed impressive improvements in language, eye contact, motor actions, and general behavior. Great work to both of you!"

— Joe, Parent

I cannot say enough good things about Blue Stars Therapy! They began working with my son at 14 months and have made and continue to make a world of difference in his development! Each and every therapist that we have interacted with from Blue Stars is super professional and absolutely fantastic! We have a lot of experience in this world as our oldest child is also on the autism spectrum and Blue Stars is the best of the best!

— Emily, Parent

“His progress has definitely exceeded our expectations! Especially since we had been doing therapy prior to you (Blue Stars Therapy) and not really making any progress.”

— Tom, Parent

The therapists are extremely knowledgeable and flexible in developing a therapeutic environment for the child that is not overwhelming or unattainable. The parent empowerment program is invaluable. We gained so much perspective into how to make every exchange with our son, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant, one that has potential to generate positive growth and connection.

— Beth, Parent

Learning how to relate to and teach our kid has been invaluable, and seeing how much happier he is and how he shines now is amazing, especially given his diagnosis just 5 months ago. The quality of this program is well beyond other clinics and practices I've seen.

— Lauren, Parent

"It is so exciting for me to see your team in action, my grandson absolutely adores his therapist! We are so fortunate to have you in his life!"

— Judy, Grandparent

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