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Kali Freund, Registered Behavior Technician

Kali is a Registered Behavior Technician and Clinical Coordinator. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and minor in Spanish from the University of Missouri- Columbia.


From a young age, Kali has enjoyed working with children in a variety of settings. She had an internship during college at the Center for Mindfulness and CBT where she learned about mindfulness, working with children with trichotillomania and excoriation, and cognitive behavioral therapy. She then worked as a research supervisor in a Developmental Cognition Lab and gained experience working with families and tracking developmental milestones. After graduating, Kali began her career working with children with ASD using the Early Start Denver Model.


She fell in love with working with children with autism who see the world in such a beautiful and unique way. Kali recognizes that every child learns differently and appreciates how the ESDM grants her the opportunity to teach each child in a way most suited for them while incorporating their interests.

As Super Stars Program Coordinator, she is the primary therapist leading the group. She also is responsible for the curriculum planning and operations of the classroom. 

In her free time, Kali enjoys reading, baking, being with friends and family, and watching movies.


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