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Remote Coaching Services

Your location shouldn't impact your access to the best care.  At Blue Stars Therapy, we understand the constraints of your busy life. Expanding access to the best care possible is why we do what we do. Remote consultative and coaching services consist of Treatment Coordination: Parent Mediated-Intervention, our unique Parent Empowerment Program, and ongoing 1:1 "Live" Coaching customized to fit your needs!

​Remote Parent Empowerment Programs

The Parent Empowerment Program is a foundation to any BST service, and Blue Stars Therapy strongly recommends that all clients complete some form of the program, due to it's evidence-based impact on overall development. Parental involvement is directly tied to positive outcomes. There is a program option for you, regardless of your budget or availability.


1:1 Coaching 


1:1 coaching is our most flexible and customizable option designed to support parent's immediate needs and concerns. These sessions are less structured and less focused on education and foundational parenting skills. Designed for parents who have already completed one of our Parent Empowerment Programs or are no longer "brand new" to the diagnosis and in need of specialize guidance. It is also a great service to book if you want to trial coaching before signing up for a full program.

Coaching Provided on the Following Topics:

  • ESDM Coaching- with ESDM Certified Therapist 

    • Designed for parents/caregivers of infant to Kindergarten aged children who wish to share concerns, discuss strategies supported by the evidence based ESDM Curriculum & research to help their child, or determine the next best steps for their child and family​.

  • Early Screening & Developmental Concerns

    • Ideal for parents who are not sure if their child is delayed or there is anything to be concerned about. Provides an opportunity to run things by a professional​ without all the red tape of waitlists, waiting rooms, and extensive paperwork. 

    • May include a referral to an additional session/service to conduct a formal Developmental and autism screenings available after initial call.

  • Routines Coaching

    • Parent and coach work to identify a specific routine that is a pain point for the family.  Coach works with the parent in reducing challenges associate with the routine and promoting independence and joy for your child. For example: Feeding/Mealtimes, Potty Training, Bedtime/Sleep​.

  • Skill Development Coaching

    • Parent and coach work to identify a specific skill area to coach the parent in improving with the child. For example, language or fine motor skills.

  • Parent Support

    • Parent and coach work to find way to re-shift mindset and parenting tactics to foster joy and reduce tension in the home.

    • Includes focus on strategies for parents to use for themselves to decrease stress and increase awareness and energy.


All 1:1 services can be book as a single session or repeated scheduled check-ins. Scope of coaching and recommendation will be discussed on the initial call. This service is highly customizable, please feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more.

Treatment Coordination

Treatment Coordination: Parent Mediated-Intervention


Treatment Coordination is designed to facilitate parent mediated- therapeutic intervention. 


Our therapists are skilled in coaching parents to integrate therapy into the routines and parts of your life that already exists and teach you how to create joint activities to target specific skills more explicitly.  You have access to our smartphone apps for skill development tracking, daily notes, and training videos and materials.

What is Treatment Coordination​?

This is a service provided to families following initial evaluation and in conjunction with or following completion of the Parent Empowerment Program. This service is designed for families who live outside of Blue Stars Therapy's travel zone, or families who require more flexibility and wish to delivered parent-mediated intervention in their home. This a cost effective option when compared to intensive ESDM Services in clinic or home provider by a therapist and can yield powerful results!


Caregivers receive support and oversight from an expert therapist on behavioral and developmental strategies and learn to track data and progress with the guidance of their coach. This option has also been utilized by families with an outside agency provider who does not have ESDM experince or training or babysitter/nanny/family member in need of more support. 


Treatment Coordination is individualized to meet you and your family’s needs, and may include:

  • In-person or online weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly consultative sessions.

  • Weekly or monthly review of data by your therapist and development of goals and teaching strategies for you to use with your child.

  • Access to an online data tracking application so you can take data on goals and your therapist can monitor progress and treatment plan.     

  • Consultation and collaboration with your child's current therapy providers, teachers, and/or other caregivers.


This service is highly customizable, please feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more.

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