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Remote Services

Your location, or a pandemic, shouldn't impact your access to the best care.  At Blue Stars Therapy, we understand the constraints of your busy life and the restrictions we are all facing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Expanding access to the best care possible is why we've recently reinvested in our successful remote services and expanded our offerings to better serve you, wherever you are. 

ESDM Evaluations 

A comprehensive evaluation using the Early Start Denver Model Curriculum Checklist to help identify your child’s strengths and areas of focus. This directly informs our intervention as we prepare for treatment planning and services recommendations. The evaluation is conducted by trained Early Start Denver Model therapists. The evaluation will consist of direct testing/observation and a parent report, lasting 1 hour-1.5 hours. Parents will be provided with a comprehensive written assessment of skills, treatment plan and goals as well as service recommendations.

Standard Evaluations

Standard evaluations are discipline-specific, and may be conducted by one of our specialists if one particular domain of development requires further testing. Standard evaluations may be required by your insurance company. Standard evaluations include but are not limited to the administration of the following:

  • Developmental Assessment of Young Children-2nd Edition (DAYC-2)

  • Preschool Language Scale-5th Edition (PLS-5)

  • Sensory Profile

  • Peabody Developmental Motor Scale-2nd Edition

  • Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation-3rd Edition (GFTA-3)

  • Verbal Behavior Milestones and Placements Program (VB-MAPP)


We've expanded our successful teletherapy program to encompass a wide range of our services, providing our customers with nearly every option available to them in-person.  In order to begin teletherapy services, primary caregivers must have completed one of the Parent Empowerment Program options or are in the process of completing. As part of ESDM Evaluations, a formal ESDM Curriculum Checklist must have also been administered and treatment plan developed. Our therapists are skilled in integrating teletherapy into the routines and parts of your life that already exists.  Additionally, families have access to a data tracking smartphone app for skill development tracking and training.

Treatment Coordination

This is a service provided to families following initial evaluation and in conjunction with or following completion of the Parent Empowerment Program. This service is designed for families who live outside of Blue Stars Therapy's travel zone or who cannot afford ongoing intensive ESDM Services in person but wish to implement strategies and track data and progress with the guidance of an ESDM Therapist and Parent Coach. This option has also been utilized by families with an outside agency provider or babysitter/nanny in place.


Treatment Coordination is individualized to meet you and your family’s needs, and may include:

  • In-person or online weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly consultative sessions.

  • Weekly or monthly review of data by your therapist and development of goals and teaching strategies for you to use with your child.

  • Access to an online data tracking application so you can take data on goals and your therapist can monitor progress and treatment plan.     

  • Consultation and collaboration with your child's current therapy providers, teachers, and/or other caregivers.


This includes but is not limited to: time spent in communication with you, teachers, or other caregivers regarding your child – such as in-person, via virtual platform, phone, text, and/or email, communication outside of your child's direct therapy session or separate from another service (ex: Educational Setting Observation, Treatment Coordination, and the Parent Empowerment Program). This is an important service as it ensures team members and families are consistent with the expectations and strategies being implemented for your child. This service is also available to families not in the immediate St. Louis community.

  • Direct Communication: text, email, phone, virtual platform

  • Attendance at Meetings: There may be times that a team meeting is warranted to ensure continuity across all team members and/or parents/caregivers regarding service delivery, intervention methods, progress, and modifications to your child's treatment plans. This is a separate fee for therapist attendance and time.

  • Administrative Tasks: writing additional letters, reports, funding applications, making visual materials or schedules, creating social stories, visual schedules, behavior intervention plans, etc.

  • Remote Playroom Design and Organization: Therapist will provide guidance regarding layout, design, organization, and specific toy recommendations to create a space ideal for play-based ESDM Therapy to enhance your child’s learning.​


Remote Parent Empowerment Programs

The Parent Empowerment Program is a foundation to any ESDM services, and Blue Stars Therapy strongly recommends that all clients complete some form of the program, due to it's evidence-based impact on overall development. Parental involvement is directly tied to positive outcomes. There is a program option for you, regardless of your budget or availability.  Options include:

  • Express Program: Designed for babysitter, grandparents or other caregivers.

  • Sibling Program: Designed for siblings ages 8+ to learn strategies to communicate with, understand and play with their sibling. Also helpful to support parent and household rules for interacting with siblings.

  • Booster Program: Designed for Parent who have already completed initial PEP.

  • Basic Program: Designed for parents new to ESDM.

  • Enhanced Program: Designed for parents new to ESDM.

  • Premier Program: Designed for parents new to ESDM.


Therapy is coordinated using tablet/smartphones with parents/caregivers.


*requires Parent Empowerment Program

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