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In furthering our commitment to accessible mental health services, parents and caregivers attending Marble Wellness appointments or Parent Empowerment Programming can now access safe and enriching child care onsite, while engaged in their session. This initiative aims to ease the burden on caregivers, ensuring they can prioritize their mental health with peace of mind.


Stay and Play & Marble Wellness Partnership

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Marble Wellness is Blue Stars Therapy's chosen partner when it comes to mental health services for parents, caregivers, siblings and children. Their office is located inside Blue Stars Therapy's main offices in University City on the second floor at 567 North and South Road, St. Louis MO 63130 in Suite C.

Our inclusive playroom is located on the street level below at 7708 Delmar Blvd. The playroom is intentionally designed as an aesthetically appealing and enriching play space for children! Our interns and apprentices are available to supervise play.

We offer up to 60 minutes of play for children ages 1-10 years old. This service is only available to Marble Wellness and Blue Stars Therapy clients who are scheduled in therapy or parent coaching services during the time of booking, and therefore onsite.


Space is limited to between 3-4 children based on their age range. Children less than 1 year old must remain with their parent during their session. If you do not see a time that works for you, email us! We are slowly adding more availability as schedules allow and this offering continues to grows.

You must already have an appointment or meeting with Marble Wellness or Blue Stars Therapy to book this service.


To book your mental health services with Marble Wellness please visit their website HERE.

To learn more about Blue Stars Therapy's Parent Empowerment Programs and coaching services click HERE

Book Your Child's Playtime

Playtime must be booked 24 hours in advance. Bookings are available on a first come first serve basis. Click below to view availability, pricing, and book now!

  • "Empowering Parents, Supporting Mental Wellness."


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