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Insurance and fees

We understand that at any stage – from initial concern through diagnosis and choosing the right partner in your child or loved one's care – financial obligations are a reality.  At Blue Stars Therapy we strive to expand access to premier early-intervention therapy services, in fact, it's a key part of our core values and one of the reasons Blue Stars Therapy was founded. Learn more about Who We Are.

Do you accept Insurance?

We are contracted with commercial plans for ABA for United Healthcare (UHC) and Cigna. We also offer ST and OT through UHC or privately. We are currently an out-of-network provider with all insurance companies. However, this does not mean that your insurance company will not cover some/all services. Payment for services is provided directly by the family to Blue Stars Therapy via check or our secure online portal. Once payment is received and services delivered, families are provided a "superbill invoice" with all the information required to submit out of netwrok claims to insurance for reimbursement directly to the client.

We can also assist with conducting a benefit check to help estimate costs such as co-pays/co-insurance and deductible amount specific to your plan benefit level. 


If you are Out of Network with us (OON), please call your insurance company to find out if you are eligible for OON speech language therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral therapy (ABA), and/or evaluation reimbursement.  Should insurance companies require additional documentation to authorize, justify, and/or extend services, we are happy to provide the necessary paperwork for a consultative fee.

Are you Missouri First Steps Providers?

The majority of our providers are enrolled as Missouri First Steps providers. If your child is under 3 years old and meets the eligibility criteria for Missouri First Steps (determined independently of any involvement by Blue Stars Therapy), we may be able to work with your child as a part of their IFSP. Please be aware that we adhere to First Steps timelines/ processes regarding service initiation and not all Blue Stars Therapy services are covered. 


Start by speaking with your service coordinator and IFSP team about your concerns for your child and to learn more about your options for ESDM services through Blue Stars Therapy.

How much are your services if I chose to pay privately?


For a copy of our latest fee structure, please complete our contact form by clicking the link below.


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