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Play Kit: Level 3/4a

Play Kit: Level 3/4a

Level 3/4a: Play kit designed for advanced learners ready to expand fine motor skills and constructive play and imaginative pretend play skills.


This Play Kit includes:

  • Interlocking Puzzle
  • Little People Zoo
  • Doctor's Kit
  • Book


Instructional Play Cards:

Play cards help guide you through a four part joint activity routine (JAR) to foster a connection with your child, create leanring opportunties, and support eventual independent and appropriate play with the toy. Each card offers creative therapoutic strategies for variations to play to keep play joyful, novel, engaging, and challenging for your child. 


  • Terms of Agreement

    Please review the policy and fees surround lost, damaged, or stolen items and canceling your subscription. 

    1. You may choose to stop your subscription at anytime. Your subscription will remain active until the monthly anniversary of your intial purchase of the plan. Play Kit subscriptions are prepaid and will not be prorated. You are free to continue to utilize the service until then.
    2. You are responsible to coordinate a time during our operating hours Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm to return the play kit to our main office (567 North and South Road, St. Louis MO 63130) prior to the last day of service. Failure to return the kit at this time will result in a replacment kit cost of $150 charged automatically to the card on file.

    I understand the information outlined including pricing, subscription, and payment responsibility. By perchasing a subscription, I certify that I am responsible for payment, including accrued fees related to failure to return materials, damaged, or lost toys or pieces.

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