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Consultative Services

Consultation includes but is not limited to: time spent in communication with you, teachers, or other caregivers regarding your child. This includes in-person, via virtual platform, phone, text, and/or email, communication outside of your child's direct therapy session or separate from another service (ex: Educational Setting Observation, Treatment Coordination, and Formal Parent Trainings). This is an important service as it ensures team members and families are consistent with the expectations and strategies being implemented for your child. Consultation service is also available to families not in the immediate St. Louis community.

  • Direct Communication: text, email, phone, virtual platform

  • Attendance at Meetings: There may be times that a team meeting is warranted to ensure continuity across all team members and/or parents/caregivers regarding service delivery, intervention methods, progress, and modifications to your child's treatment plans. This is a separate fee for therapist attendance and time.

  • Administrative Tasks: writing additional letters, reports, funding applications, making visual materials or schedules, creating social stories, visual schedules, behavior intervention plans, etc.

  • Virtual Playroom Design and Organization: Therapist will provide guidance regarding layout, design, organization, and specific toy recommendations to create a space ideal for play-based ESDM Therapy to enhance your child’s learning.​


Our highly-specialized therapist(s) come to your home.


Our highly-specialized therapist(s) come to an environment typically encountered by your child such as school, the park, The Magic House, etc.


Therapy is coordinated using tablet/smartphones with parents/caregivers.


*requires Parent Empowerment Program


Our premier clinic offering individual & group therapy located in University City, MO.

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