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Please Review Our Terms and Conditions for participation in Open Play. 

Open Play Policy 

Open Play Policy

Welcome to our Play space! We're thrilled to offer a fun, safe, and engaging environment intentionally designed by developmental experts for your children to play, learn, and interact. To ensure the enjoyment and safety of all, we kindly request your adherence to the following policies during our Open Play Hours.

General Policy

  • Open Play Hours:

    • Open Play Hours are available to all members and will be available on our official website.

    • The schedule is subject to change; please check for any updates regularly.

  • Parent/Guardian Presence:

    • A parent or guardian (18+) must be present with the child at all times during Open Play Hours.

    • The parent or guardian is responsible for the supervision and behavior of the child.

  • Family Membership and Siblings:

    • Siblings of the enrolled child are welcome to join in the Playroom activities, provided the family holds an active Family Membership.

    • Each family's membership status will be verified upon entry.

    • Family memberships are for immediate family members only (two adults and up to 3 children). Nanny/babysitters, therapists, other family members, or friends will be require to pay the guest rate upon entry if their ID does not match the household members listed on the membership.

  • Age and Capacity:

    • The Playroom is designed for children aged 6months to 6 years of age. We do allow older siblings to join however their behavior must remain respectful and be supportive of the littles in the space.

    • The room's capacity is limited for safety and enjoyment. Admittance will be on a first-come, first-served basis. You can book future opens at another available date.

Consent and Liability

  • Parental Consent:

    • By allowing their child(ren) to participate in Open Play Hours, parents/guardians automatically consent to the terms and conditions set forth in this policy and any associated risks.

    • Parents/guardians acknowledge that while we strive for the highest safety standards, the inherent nature of play means that accidents or injuries may occasionally occur.

  • Liability Waiver:

    • Parents/guardians are required to sign a liability waiver covering all events of their child's participation in the Playroom.

    • This waiver must be renewed annually or upon the expiry of membership, whichever comes first.

Safety and Conduct

  • Health and Safety:

    • Children showing signs of illness should not be brought to the Playroom.

    • The Playroom is a nut-free zone. Please ensure that no food containing nuts is brought into the area

    • While we prioritize safety, parents/guardians acknowledge that injuries can occur during play. Blue Stars Therapy is not responsible for any injuries sustained on the property. Parents/guardians assume all risks associated with the use of our facilities.

  • Behavioral Expectations:

    • We promote a respectful, inclusive, and friendly environment. Aggressive/disruptive behavior, bullying, inappropriate languge or destructive actions will not be tolerated.

    • Parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring their children adhere to these behavioral guidelines.

    • Any Blue Stars Therapy Staff member may terminate the play session or request parent/guardian/child to leave at their sole discretion without a refund if this policy is violated.


  • Personal Belongings:

    • The Playroom is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal items.

    • Toys and materials provided in the Playroom must remain within the area.

  • Feedback and Concerns:

    • We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please direct them to our staff or via our feedback forms available at the reception.

    • Any concerns or incidents during Open Play Hours should be immediately reported to the staff on duty.


We reserve the right to amend these policies as necessary and will communicate any changes promptly.


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone!


Blue Stars Therapy Team

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