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About us​

Amanda Wingertsahn and Bridget Hormberg co-own and co-founded Blue Stars Therapy™ in 2016 and serve as executive leaders and managers of approximately a dozen early intervention specialists.


Amanda and Bridget saw first-hand how traditional approaches to early intervention leave room for improvement, and frequently lack an evidence-based approach. With 30+ years of combined experience as an ESDM-certified Speech Language Pathologist and ESDM-certified Occupational Therapist, Amanda and Bridget have honed their expertise and woven their core values of service, inclusion, individuality and a relationship-based approach into the fabric of services provided by Blue Stars Therapy™, including: 

  • Home and Community- Based Therapy Services

  • The Blue School™ Program

  • The Parent Empowerment Program™

  • The Super Stars Program™

  • The Teach Me to Play Program™ 

  • Treatment Coordination & Consultation

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Meet the Blue Stars Therapy team​

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Co-Owner, Co-Founder

Bridget is also the Executive Director of Business Operations at Blue Stars Therapy, and an ESDM Certified occupational therapist. She is likely the first voice you will hear when you call us and helps coordinate your child's services. Click image to read bio.

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Sr. Business Operations Coordinator

Selena is the Sr. business operations associate at BST and has been with us since December of 2019. Click image to read bio.


Co-Owner, Co-Founder

Amanda is also the Executive Director Clinical Services at Blue Stars Therapy, and an ESDM Certified speech language pathologist. She provides our staff with ongoing feedback and training to ensure your child receives high quality care. Click image to read bio.

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Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Sr. Manger & Clinical Coordinator

Kayla is an ESDM trained Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She has been with Blue Stars Therapy since June of 2018. Click image to read bio.

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